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Your AI Moonshot Assistant


Ask Luna about anything

Or use one of our pre-made provided prompts.


Get your answer

Or use one of our pre-made provided prompts.


Evolve it

Depending on your prompt Luna will ask you more questions, give you questions for you and her to gain more clarity or give you a complete answer.

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Powered by ChatGPT

A content aware AI assistant.

…being trained to help you achieve your Moonshot.

Luna is built on ChatGPT and being trained for the single purpose of helping startups achieve their Moonshot and get the absolute most use and help possible from the Capsole Platform to do it.

Luna can look at the area of your Capsole you have pulled up and discuss and help you based on that information. It’s in the early days but will continue to become extremely useful through training it into a very specialized expert.


"Luna, summarize my Q2 revenue goals."


"Great, now put the data in table and draft an email update to my investors."

Prompt Library

Get help from the Luna, the Moonshot AI Assistant, with an evergrowing library of pre-made prompts.