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A unified, end-to-end Startup Platform.

The ultimate digital space to Plan, Build and Grow your Venture. Designed from the ground up to help Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders make their Moonshot vision a reality.

Built from the ground up for entrepreneurs, startups and teams.

"We all have a dream living deep inside us. We all have a vision for the future. There is a moonshot inside of each of us.

This is your life, make it a mission. Build your moonshot."

There is a group of people on earth that feel a deep drive within themselves to push their human potential and build something great. To make an impact. To build a moonshot.

We built Capsole to help these mission driven Entrepreneurs actualize their vision into the world. Our goal is to help build and accelerate the future of tomorrow, today.

That's why you're so awesome because you want to do whatever it takes to help build that future. A great future doesn't just appear, it must be built, and it's built by visionaries and hard work.

You are on the path to the reach your peak potential and achieve your biggest dreams. That is what we want to be apart of. Capsole exist to help you build and achieve your big business goals.

Capsole is the platform to help you expand your mind and actualize your moonshot.

We are moonshot driven.

Capsole's Purpose

to accelerate the future of humanity


Increase the quantity of moonshots being built.

Help humanity transition into a mainstream culture of Moonshoters through building a platform that empowers ANYONE with an idea to grow it into a world upgrading moonshot business.

Build the platform to help humanity transition into a culture of Moonshots.

for mission driven entrepreneurs to actualize their vision into the world.

Empower and serve entrepreneurs focused on pursuing and achieving their greatest potential in this life by going after their Moonshot.


Increase the success rate of moonshots being built.

Build the moonshot business platform + ecosystem, digitally and physically around the world, to increase the quantity of moonshot projects and their rate of success.


Are The Future of Humanity.

You can be too.

This is how we define the Moonshot: 

“Building new values for humankind that would not exist if it wasn’t for you.”

Or my favorite version: 

“Pushing your human potential to build new values for humankind that would not exist if it wasn’t for you building them.”

This is the purpose of the Moonshot and why it is such a powerful pursuit and way of life. In fact, it’s the only direction left for humankind to go, and where it’s been headed all along.

There is a concept of “0 to 1” which is taking a brand new idea and building into something new that’s never been seen before. The “0 to 1” ideas were almost all considered a crazy insane impossible moonshot in the early days and most have now grown into the products and services (solutions to problems) that drive our lives and world today.

The flip side of this something called “0 to n” where “n” represents an iteration of something that already exists, just made a little differently.

These “businesses” are not new value to humankind and comes from the lazy mentality of “0 to n” we are infected with today. The drivers of this mentality are typically money and attention.

There are so many incredibly smart people focused on ways to go from “0 to n”. It’s easy, it’s predictable, it’s safe. It’s very ‘logical’ to choose this route. It’s also why we don’t already live in the glorious future we were promised. …very few people have dedicated their life to building it. 

It’s very rare there is a “0 to 1” idea built and launched today. These “0 to 1” ideas are the ONLY actions that drive us into an improved future reality.

If this does not change drastically life will continue to collapse at a rate faster than its expansion. Over the next decade we will be drowning in a world of too many solutions for the same little problems and little to no solutions for the real and major problems. The problems that actually hold humanity back. The drastic moonshot solutions to these problems are the ONLY thing that generates and builds the future of tomorrow. 

Everyone thought we would have flying cars by now and live in a glorious world of progress and inspiration all around us. What happened? 

We can still build the future that so many have given up. The misery of giving up on your self and your dreams is possibly worse than death itself and we are all realizing this at a global level like never before.

Capsole is built for those with that spark of light within them to not conform to the mundane of this world but choose the harder, more rewarding, path to transform this world by building out their own vision for the future, the Moonshot they have within themselves. That spark of light that so few humans today have been able harness and build into the world as their fingerprint on the history of humanity. 

We are moving into the light of the future and every Moonshot makes that light bigger and more present in our day to day reality.

We want the most we can get out of life. We want to be wildly successful, important and unleash our full human potential to have a massive impact in the world around us. It’s programmed into the core of our being, there is no escaping it.

There is possibly no higher calling, no better way to achieve your human potential, than committing yourself to solving a big problem you see that exists in the world and building the ‘Moonshot’ solution required to solve it and beyond.

This is why I built Capsole. I believe building an environment and platform, that empowers anyone with that spark of light within them to harness their maximum potential into a moonshot, is how humanity progresses and our ultimate destination.

Now with Capsole anyone with that spark within them, that glimpse of how the present and future could be better, can get started building it NOW. Within minutes and with a clearly guided pathway.

Imagine where life would be today if even just 10% of earths population was focused on pursuing their Moonshots and solving the biggest problems we face on a daily basis. The future will accelerate at a pace we can’t even begin to fathom today. 

It’s estimated less than 0.1% of humans are on this pathway. That means 99.9% of life is a machine maintaining its own existence and not actively working towards building new solutions that solve the problems in our world and drive humanity into the future.

The purpose of Capsole is to help make the mainstream culture of earth focused on solving world changing problems and building new things. That will be the reality we live in. It is inevitable.

There is no where else productive for us to go except into this reality where building Moonshots is the purpose of life and every human that has the spark within them is empowered to achieve their greatest potential.

Capsole has the potential to accelerate us into that glorious future reality within years instead of decades.

Imagine what could be…

…and build it with Capsole.

Capsole is a startup launchpad for entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators and visionaries putting it all on the line to build new things. The all-in-one platform to plan, build and grow your startup moonshot business.

Capsole was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping startups build their moonshot. We believe that with the right tools and guidance, anyone can achieve their wildest dreams and make a positive impact on the world.

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