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Launch Quicker & Grow As You Go

A startup focused, growth driven, custom designed website to launch your company into the market with confidence, authority and impact.

The all-in-one website bundle engineered to your early stage startup needs. Launch quicker with a hyper-focused website and grow as you go.

0% overwhelm

We eliminated the long back and forth emails, phone calls and consultations. We’ve built a simple, guided and enjoyable process to gather everything needed to build a great website.

Growth focused

Your website is the vehicle to help you reach your audience. Their experience needs to be engaging, inspire them to take action and leave an impact.

Launch quicker

We know you’re ultra busy and needed your website launched yesturday. Our Launchpad platform takes days and weeks out of the web design process.

A perfect solution for...

The Launchpad Website System eliminates the traditional web design pitfalls, gets you launched quicker without comprimising quality and ensures your website is focused on the now.


Larger Upfront Costs

More Resources & Slower Launch

Decisions Based On Assumptions

Website Is Static For Two or More Years


Costs Spread Over Time

Launch Quicker Then Improve

Decisions Based On

Website Shows Continuous Improvement

A high-impact fully custom website engineered to get you launched with a solid foundation to scale far into the future.

The Launchpad Website System is a one page scrolling website with a hyper-focus on only what's needed at launch and custom designed to meet your immediate goals and objectives while laying a foundation that you grow with for years into the future. We get you looking incredible with a high-impact website engineered to get attention, engagement and help meet your business goals. All of this delivered in days not months.

Done For You

The Launchpad Website

Start with one page and grow to many.

The Launchpad Website is a fully custom, built for you, one page website. You give us your vision and we do all the heavy lifting. Together, we craft the brand and platform you need to bring your idea to market. It’s all focused around a core page and we build out additional pages, funnel(s), systems and functionality from there based on your needs.

One page website with multiple sections

MVP Website

Mobile friendly

Professionally Designed

Quick Turnaround

Just provide your content and your vision

Launch now and improve over time

Quality. Speed. Impact.

Keep cost down

Minimal Content Needed

Design Over Development

Faster Turnaround

MVP Focused

Results Driven

Custom Made

Built from the ground up just for your startup.

Designed & Developed to meet immediate needs.

Your Launchpad Website is built around your vision and your goals. We help you harness the full power of your digital presence allowing founders to launch with authority and impact.

Only what you NEED now

Designed to your audience

Tailored to help achieve your early stage startup goals

We work with you to ensure it’s perfect

All The Essentials

Everything you need to look your best online

Ongoing monthly reporting and support.

With Capsole launch services your not only getting professionally built brand & website but a personal guide along your startup journey. We hook you up with all the essential elements and tools to run a solid startup and provide continued resources to assist you along your journey.

Website Maintenance

Detailed Analytics

Website Security & Protection

Google Webmaster Tools/Search Management

Daily Backups

It doesn't end there...

Unlimited Potential allows for extreme growth and adaptability.

There really is no limits with your Startup Launchpad Website. It’s the perfect foundation for rapid growth and adapatability over time.

Add-on Pages & Functionalty before or after launch.

The ability to add more pages to your existing website as your startup grows. You can launch with multiple pages as well.

Make quick updates on the fly.

Rapid prototyping & edits

A passionate team of experts that have your back.

All in-house

We're here with you for the long run.

We help scale & grow

Brand Design

Launch With Impact & Authority

Our Branding Identity System provides everything needed for your startup to be competitive at launch and get to scale faster. Launch your startup with a high-impact brand!


A key to providing a professionally built experience at every touch point of your product/service is consistency in the look and feel as well as the personality and voice.





A Startup’s brand is like it’s DNA. Whatever you program it to be is what it is going to develop into and manifest out into the world. That’s why we really take the time to make it look and feel great from all angles.

All The Essentials

Your Startup Branding package provides everything that’s needed at launch and any unique components your startup requires.

Dialed In

Your brand is the intraction point between your product and the consumer. We make sure it connects with your audience to get their attention and inspire action.


A key to providing a professionally built experience at every touch point of your product/service is consistency in the look and feel as well as the personality and voice.

Founder Love

“Every step of the way, they were accommodating and collaborative. Now that I look at the final result, I am thrilled and confident I got the best. Five stars all the way. I recommend Capsole, it was the best decision I made this year.

- Stephan Zenz [Celebrity Hair Stylist / Founder of Expose Salon]

Explore some brands we launched...


Automated Smart Funnels

We help startups build smart and dynamic end-to-end sales funnels that track and optimize every aspect of the customer journey.

Automated Smart Funnels are sales machines adapting continously to serve your audience what they want next with one purpose; to scale growth. Add an Automated Smart Funnel into your Launchpad website to drive maximum momentum.

Email Marketing

Send super personalized emails and automated email sequences to walk customers through your sales funnel, drive upsells, and more.

Marketing Automation

Trigger personalized campaigns based on customer actions throughout your sales funnel and website.

Sales + CRM

All of your customer data organized within your automation engine. Sales automation that drives deals forward.

Monthly Growth Cycles

Continuous monthly improvement cycles driving realtime growth and ROI

Continuously improve your startup's brand, website, messaging, content and funnels to increase sales and drive maximum ROI month-after-month .

Your brand and website consistently get more powerful as we continuosly measure the data and let it guide impactful improvements through monthly growth cycles. Monthly Growth Cycles guide and accelerate your startups growth consistently, at your own pace and within your own budget.


Measure data & performance

We accumulate the data from all platforms and KPI’s into a single clean and simple highlevel report.


Reliable monthly growth.

Your digital assets consistently get stronger and more effective as we continue to measure data to guide impactful improvements through monthly growth cycles.


Learn from tracking reports

Together we review the tracking reports and make data based decisions on improvements to make for maximum impact and growth.

Improve with growth tokens

After we identify the best improvements to make we get to work. The amount and level of improvements depends on the level of your Growth Token subscription. Growth tokens are your digital improvement currency, spent monthly with Capsole to run upgrades and improve systems to increase overall growth and revenue.

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Ready to get launched?

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Ready to get launched?

Let's Explore The Possibilities

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