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A unified, end-to-end startup platform.

The ultimate digital space to Plan, Build and Grow your Startup. Designed from the ground up to help Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders make their Moonshot a reality.

Built for entrepreneurs and startups.

Strategize, build and optimize every aspect of your startup.

One space to 
it all.

Simplify your startup journey, push your potential and build your big moonshot vision.

Capsole helps you ground down your big Moonshot vision, strategize your masterplan, develop your product/service all the way through to launching and growing your Startup.

Bring every area of your business into one place, all integrated together and working together to achieve your greatest potential.

Capsole helps you stay focused on what matters NOW while building your ultimate vision over time. 🥳

Simplify your startup journey and become an empowered founder.

Plan, Build, Grow



Moonshot | Masterplan | Goals

Map out your big moonshot vision then ground it down into your Masterplan and initiate your first Goals!


Brand | Funnel | Campaigns

Build out your sales funnel, content, website and plan, run and track your marketing campaigns.


Avatar | Product | Journey

Calrify who you’re selling to, what you’re selling them and how you’re selling it to them. 


Grow into infinity.

Growth Cycles ensure continuous momentum and improvement

Startups grow and evolve through cycles. We’ve broken these cycles up into three core areas all focused around achieving your Moonshot, Plan, Build and Grow. Once you’ve reached a stage one Moonshot (you’ve launched your MVP) then the monthly growth cycles kick in. Growth Cycles are a monthly process taking you through each area of your business.

1  Measure

2   Learn

3   Improve

Growth cycles ensure you’re making high-impact  improvements that move you closer to achieving your Moonshot and goals. Monthly Growth Cycles ensure you are focused on improving what matters most NOW while maximizing every aspect of your business. This makes long term failure and stagnation nearly impossible.



Gamified Startup Journey

Stay on point, be engaged, track progress, earn rank and rewards for your growth.

The Capsole platform has a baked in tracking and reward system.

Strategize, Execute & track progress

Build your business strategy and then actually execute it. Capsole is a real time business development platform for your Startup.

Dashboards & Team Collaboration

Imagine if there was a place every important bit of your company existed and you could invite people into it and give them the level of access and control they require? 

Imagine if you could just plug someone directly into your vision and get them up to speed in minutes instead of hours or days?

Capsole will be this for you.

Startup Tools & Resources

Our goal is the be the number one place on earth to strategize big moonshot problems and build the solutions to serve mankind.

With this goal in mind, Capsole is set to be an ever-expanding set of invaluable tools and resources to help entrepreneurs along this intense and complicated journey and launching and growing not just a startup, but a Moonshot Startup.

Automated Accountability Coach

With the complex life of a Startup founder it's easy to get sidetracked and off track. We're working to make the Capsole platform smart with automated processes and notifications/reminders such as deadlines, upcoming launch dates, inactivity in a certain area for an extended period and a whole lot more.

That's why we are continuously working to make the startup planner is smart. It will remind you and send followup notifications via email and text when actions need to be taken.. such as a campaign about to end, a reminder for product launch going live soon, motivation and tracking system for goals and targets.

Step-by-step guides & live strategy sessions

The Pulsar is a growing database of step-by-step guides, articles and videos... all packed full of answers to some of the biggest questions you'll be seeking answers to along your journey.


Solved By Capsole

Go with your

We understand you and your business are always evolving and we built Capsole to give you the freedom to make it your own and go with your own flow. Capsole is built from the ground up to support and integrate right into your natural process of building. It’s the platform to execute your vision, whatever it may be.

Be empowered and focused with your Startup Capsole.

Build and scale your Startup with Capsole.


Your Startup


Your Startup


Your Startup


founder community

Connect and grow with other founders on the same journey as you. We’re all pushing ourselves to our fullest potential pursuing moonshots! The Axis founder community will be jam packed with networking, resources, a full group focused on each module of the platform with live events and masterminds. All of this packaged up into a modern elegant interface and community experience.


guidance & resources

Each module of the platform and your business respectively, has so much depth and information to it. It is easy to get overwhelmed and hung up in all of the detail and new challenges. The Pulsar knowledge base is your beacon of light to keep you on track and focused on what matters most now while not getting lost in the overwhelm and all the moving parts. 

What's Included

With Your Beta Lifetime Membership

1. The Capsole Platform

Clarify, build out and optimize every aspect of your startup. PLAN, BUILD & GROW break up the 9 critical areas of your business within the Capsole Web & Mobile App.

2. The Axis Community

Imagine a community full of entrepreneurs and teams building moonshots? The axis is a space for us to share our success, strategies, get questions answered, instant feedback and more. 

3. The Pulsar Knowledge Base

A ever-expanding knowledge base deep diving into every aspect of business, startups and moonshots.

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Build Your Moonshot.

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Plan, Build, Grow


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Build the future with Capsole.



Dec 30th
Axis Founder Community
The Axis founder community area will be available. Build your profile, start networking with other founders, build your influence, see all upcoming events and more.
Dec 30th
Dec 30th
+ Moonshot
+ Masterplan
+ Goals
Dec 30th
Dec 30th
Pulsar Knowledge Base
As each area of the platform gets released that area also opens up in the Pulsar (knowledge center).
Dec 30th
Q1 2022
+ Avatar
+ Product
+ Journey
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
+ Brand
+ Funnels
+ Campaigns
Q2 2022

High Impact Brand Identity

The Launchpad Website System

Smart Automation Funnels

Case Studies

Global Bitcoin Cash Hackathon Series

Utilitarian Sports Gear eCommerce Startup

BITMAIN’s Crypto VC Fund

Coming This Winter

The Startup Planner App