The Capsole Startup Launch System

The 3 Stage Process to Launch your startup & Grow Month-After-Month

Plan, Launch, & Grow your Startup

with Capsole, The Startup Launchpad

Stage One | Plan
Capsole Planner App
1-10 DAYS + Monthly

Strategize your moonshot vision and build the plan to launch and grow it now.

The Capsole Startup Planner is a web based app (mobile soon) that guides you through mapping out your big vision, clarifying your audience, finding  product/market fit, planning your content, campaigns and more! 

Stage Two | Launch
Done For You Launch Services
2-8 Weeks

High quality custom website and brand launched quickly with realtime improvement.

Using our Launchpad Website System we build your brand and website with a hyper-focus on laying a powerful foundation at launch. All custom designed and built to meet your immediate goals and objectives while laying a foundation to grow with for years into the future.

Stage Three | Grow
Growth Cycles
Done With You Growth Services

Continuous Monthly Improvement cycles driving growth and ROI

As your startup grows and evolves we are gathering data on every component of the digital experience. We prioritize improvements based off that data to achieve the set targets and goals for the month, quarter and year driving some serious momentum consistently.

Stage One | Plan

The Startup Planner App

Map your big moonshot vision and build the plan to achieve it. Grow and track your Startup month-by-month.

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Moonshot Vision

Master Plan

Goals & Targets


Customer Avatars


Customer Journey


Website/Sales Funnel



Stage Two | Launch

Launchpad Services

Minimum viable brand, website and growth systems launched quickly with realtime improvement.

The Launchpad Startup System is a minimum viable aproach that eliminates the traditional branding and web design pitfalls, gets you launched quicker without comprimising quality and ensures your startup and budget are focused in the now.


Larger Upfront Costs

More Resources & Slower Launch

Decisions Based On Assumptions

Website Is Static For Two or More Years


Startup System

Costs Spread Over Time

Launch Quicker Then Improve

Decisions Based On

Website Shows Continuous Improvement

Launch Services

High Impact Brand Identity, Launchpad Website System, Smart Automations

Our Launch Services are custom tailored to meet your immediate goals while laying the foundation for exponential growth over time. Our platform and team of experts work together with you to bring your vision to life.

Stage Three | Grow

Monthly Growth Cycles

Monthly growth cycles are designed to improve the brand, website, content, sales funnels, marketing systems and more. Your brand, website and funnels consistently get more powerful as we continuously measure data and let it guide impactful improvements through monthly growth cycles. Capsole Growth Cycles guide and accelerate your startups growth consistently, at your own pace and within your own budget.


Measure data & performance

We accumulate the data from all platforms and KPI’s into a single clean and simple highlevel report.

  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Bring all data together into tracking report


Reliable monthly growth.

Your digital assets consistently get stronger and more effective as we continue to measure data to guide impactful improvements through monthly growth cycles.

  • Grow at your own pace month after month
  • Simple, scalable process to growth and ROI


Learn from tracking reports

Together we review the tracking reports and make data based decisions on improvements to make for maximum impact and growth.

  • Expert Analysis of Tracking Reports
  • Actionable Insights

Improve with growth tokens

After we identify the best improvements to make we get to work. The amount and level of improvements depends on the level of your Growth Token subscription. Growth tokens are your digital improvement currency, spent monthly with Capsole to run upgrades and improve systems to increase overall growth and revenue.

The Capsole Platform brings it all together.

SYMBOL: (Infinity sign with on side startup canvas other side is Plan (left side learn from past and future), Build (in the center, realtime feedback in the now), Grow (on the right side, new content, campaigns, pages, KPI’s)

Your Startup Planner App brings it all together

Your Startup Dashboard and project managment

Content Marketing Machine – Monthly content production and distribution cycle for the purpose of driving inbound traffic and generating leads and sales

High Impact Brand Identity

The Launchpad Website System

Smart Automation Funnels

Case Studies

Global Bitcoin Cash Hackathon Series

Utilitarian Sports Gear eCommerce Startup

BITMAIN’s Crypto VC Fund

Coming This Fall

The Startup Planner App